While we advocate for mindful travel and living in the moment, let's be real – we all love beautiful Instagram photos! Especially those taken in somewhat undiscovered locations, often referred to as hidden gems. Unearthing such spots can be challenging, particularly during Hvar's bustling summer season. However, the locals hold the key to some superb locations that are perfect for snapping Insta-worthy shots.

1. Lavender Fields

The main Hvar lavender fields, found around Brusje, Malo, and Velo Grabje, offer a visual feast. But here's the catch: lavender season is early summer, so your perfect photo opportunity is limited to late May, June, or early July. The fragrance alone is worth the visit, but the sight of the fields in full bloom is something straight out of a dream.

lavender fields

2. St. Nicholas Peak

Rise to new heights at St. Nicholas peak, the highest point on the island at 626 meters above sea level. Whether you choose to hike or drive to the top, the panoramic view is unparalleled. For an extra touch of magic, try catching the sunrise or sunset – the colors will leave you breathless.

3. Humac

Humac, located 11 km east from Jelsa Town, is a living testament to authentic Dalmatia. Perched 350 meters above sea level, this eco-village offers an exceptional gastronomic experience at Konoba Humac. From rustic houses to stunning views, every corner of this eco-village is a potential Instagram story waiting to be told. It's also a paradise for astro-photography enthusiasts with its clear night sky.


4. Sveta Nedjelja or Pine Tree Vista

Located on the southern side of Hvar, Sveta Nedjelja boasts a striking appearance under the highest peak, St. Nicholas. As the mountain collides with the crystal-clear sea, it forms some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Take a stroll and witness the distinctive pine tree perched above the sea – a sight that can turn even the most pragmatic into a romantic.

5. Villa Astraeus

Villa Astraeus, situated on the untamed southern side of Hvar, offers a view that is beyond compare. Capture as many shades of blue as possible against the backdrop of the calm and serene southern side. The challenge? To technologically and artistically document the mesmerizing spectrum of blues.


6. Bogomolje to Sućuraj Road

The road from Bogomolje to Sućuraj may not be unknown, but it's certainly a road less traveled. Away from the masses, this road provides a tranquil journey almost as if you're not on Hvar at all. The picturesque nature along the road offers numerous photo opportunities, with the highest Instagram value – a combination of beautiful scenery and a sense of wonder.

7. Cliffs of Mala Stiniva

Mala Stiniva is renowned for its picturesque cliffs that vertically plunge into the azure blue sea, creating a scene straight out of a movie. The captivating beauty of this location is undeniable, capturing the essence of Indiana Jones, James Bond, and the golden age of Hollywood in a single frame.

8. Pakleni Islands and Palmižana

Just a short boat ride from Hvar, the Pakleni Islands are a paradise waiting to be explored. Palmižana in particular offers vibrant botanical gardens, crystal-clear waters, and chic beach clubs. The colorful backdrop of lush greenery and azure sea create an Instagrammable haven for both nature and luxury enthusiasts.


9. Falko Beach Bar

Take a short walk from Hula Hula bar and you'll find a beach Falko and its namesake bar. The bar has a lot to offer, from food to refreshments, but its most striking feature are sunsets. Just be there in the evening and you'll see for yourself – no wonder this beach is the place from which Hvar's most Instagrammable sunset photos are made.

Embark on a Hvar adventure this year, and make sure to document every breathtaking moment on your Instagram feed!