Looking for a place that can accommodate all the people you love? For example, for a family reunion, or a joint vacation with a friendly family? Or a birthday vacation to remember? Maybe your cool startup just secured a new round of financing and you want to celebrate with the core team? Say no more, because here is selection of top 10 best villas with 12+ beds, and enough room for almost everyone you care about. Keep in mind that we can suggest the best suiting place according to your needs, and that we also offer additional services per request, such as food deliveries, private maids and butlers, private cooking experiences, and much more.

So here's the selection.


villa geras

Location: Jelsa

Place for: 12 people

Known for: Villa Geras has fantastic, highly stylized spaces filled with amazing details. It is unbelievably cozy and comfortable at the same time. Palace breathes luxury but doesn’t lack warmth either. Add to that its strong personality and you got yourself a whole package.

Ammenities of note: fully equiped kitchen, private pool, garden, BBQ, parking for 4 cars, jacuzzi inside


villa ananke

Location: Hvar

Place for: 12 people

Known for: You’ll find the wonderful Ananke in a wonderful location with a wonderful view, and it undoubtedly guarantees its guests a wonderful vacation in the wonderful town of Hvar. There's much to enjoy in, so brace yourselves.

Ammenities of note: private pool, jacuzzi, sea view teraces, fully equiped kitchen, BBQ


villa atlas

Location: Jelsa

Place for: 12 people

Known for: A wonderful example of contemporary architecture, Atlas is designed with special attention to details and intention to maximize living experience, simultaneously offering its visitors designer furniture, lightning, and artwork. The beach and the town are within walking distance of the villa. Plus, it has one of the coolest views ever. We love it.

Ammenities of note: private pool, gazebo, two jacuzis, private garage for 4 cars, 7 bathrooms


villa uranus

Location: Hvar

Place for: 14 people

Known for: This villa is named Uranus, after the primordial god of the sky, for a reason. Imagine a place so ethereal, airy, breezy, beautiful, and simple. A villa that has the sea, a town; a villa that has personality, appearance, and style. A house that has everything. You’ve just imagined Uranus.

Ammenities of note: jacuzi, terrace in greenery, 7 bathrooms, DVD with home theater


villa nereus

Location: Hvar

Place for: 16 people

Known for: A gentleman with a refined sense of charm and joie de vivre once came to our island. He fell hopelessly in love with the town of Hvar and decided to buy a house by the sea that will become a wonderful fusion of the French Riviera and Dalmatian dreams, an ode to the modern Mediterranean.

Ammenities of note: private heated pool, sundeck


villa proteus

Location: in the bay near Hvar 

Place for: 36 people

Known for: Waking up to the sound of waves, crickets, and birds? This is exactly what makes villa Proteus truly unique. A secluded luxurious getaway with a stunning beach area, a stunning sea view as well as sunsets. Located just a 10-minute drive from the town of Hvar, it is still completely secluded from the buzz! Keep in mind that Proteus is only available in the off season.

Ammenities of note: jacuzzi on roof, SUP, kayaks, wine refrigerator


villa alcyone

Location: Basina

Place for: 12 people

Known for: We love Depeche Mode. Alcyone reminds us of one of our favorite lyrics: Words are very unnecessary; they can only do harm. Once you find yourselves inside these stone walls brimming with love for nature – it will all make sense to you.

Ammenities of note: pool (heating and cooling), private parking, 5 bathrooms


villa hermes

Location: Hvar 

Place for: 14 people

Known for: Would you like to know how billionaires live? You might be one of them so you already know that. In that case, would you maybe like to know what it is like to be a billionaire situated in a luxurious villa with a touch of the East in the midst of the Mediterranean? Hermes has the answer to both questions.

Ammenities of note: heated infinity pool, 7 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen



Location: Hvar

Place for: 10 people

Known for: We found Selene in a secret place, and it dawned on us that it looked like Selene in the sky with diamonds. Sounds familiar? It should because it is. Selene has something wild and untamed, but at the same time it is both classy and stylish in a simple, natural way. Pure desire.

Ammenities of note: heated pool, terrace with garden, BBQ x 2, healthy breakfast delivery


vila selene second

Location: Hvar 

Place for: 10 people

Known for: Selene In The Mirror sounds familiar? Because it is. We have found it in not such a hidden place, right next to Selene. Selene In The Mirror is wild and untamed, yet of a top classical style. Selene ITM is, in fact, a newer, better version of pure desire, only in the mirror. 

Ammenities of note: private pool, jacuzzi, BBQ x 2, terrace with garden


Hermes B

Location: Hvar

Place for: 10 + 10 people

Known for: Hvar's winner in the categories of passion, luxury, location, interiors, the view, and details in the year 2021, and possibly in the years to come, are two twin villas, Hermes Blue and Hermes Green. They will provide those who select at least one of them an unforgettable experience of a perfectly luxurious Hvar vacation. 

Ammenities of note: infinity sweet water pool, sun beds, private parking, fully equipped kitchen


villa tartarus

Location: Pitve

Place for: 18 people

Known for: Once upon a time there were three stone houses in a picturesque village on a magical island. The island was called Hvar, the village was called Pitve, and three houses jointly hosted a total of 18 people.

Ammenities of note: private pool, terace, fully equipped kitchen


villa hedone

Location: Pitve

Place for: 14 people

Known for: Hedone is an authentic Mediterranean estate located in the picturesque village of Pitve. The spirit of old, almost forgotten Dalmatia still present in these stone houses + an amazing view + the garden where organic vegetables are at your fingertips + the pool = what you get is simply a fantastic place.

Ammenities of note: private pool, large fireplace, vegetable garden, 2 bikes, private parking for 4+ cars


villa eos

Location: Humac

Place for: 13 people

Known for: Humac has unusual energy, it is a rare contemplative jewel on this planet of ours. Eos has all of that, and then some. A magical property isolated from the outside world, surrounded by enchanting landscapes, spectacular views and divine silence interrupted only by the sounds of iconic nature.

Ammenities of note: infinity pool, open fireplace, fully equipped kitchen