Villas Hvar? Why?! 

Several times a year we come across clients who want something we can’t give them, so we feel the need to write a short explanation on that subject for all of those prone to formalities and all of our potential yet indecisive and confused clients.

Villas Hvar is NOT what we’ve all been forced to get used to in the last several years and what we have been served by tourist mega platforms and various mish-mash tourist agencies. We can’t give something that we are not – but there are various providers of such services; each of us can and should decide on their own whom to trust, both in life and when choosing a vacation.

We don’t doubt for a second that we are the best, but we understand that not anyone wants what’s best for them at any given moment. Only you can decide whether our offer is what you truly need.

Below you can read about what separates us from others. We hope this will come in handy when you have to decide between Villas Hvar and some other option next time.

1. Villas Hvar has a collection of high-end, carefully selected accommodation on beautiful locations around Hvar. Mega tourist platforms and unspecialized tourist agencies rent anything on the market without prior selection. The difference is clear and immense.

2. Since it has the collection of the top offer of Hvar, Villas Hvar does not need a feedback section and refuses to have one. We are not a tourist platform where paid commenters often leave good or bad feedback; this is not how we work and this is not the kind of tourism we are interested in. After our guests leave, we send them a form with several questions so we could offer the owners new ideas for improvements to the accommodation, as well as develop our own ideas for the improvement of our service. We may be the best, but we can always be better – and we love to compete with ourselves.

3. We personally got to know every item in our portfolio and every owner. The facility and the owner will not be added to our collection if we deem them problematic in any manner. For example, we don’t work with choleric owners – you can come across them and they can be quite disagreeable, which is not pleasant even when you’re at home, let alone when you’re a guest abroad. We also refuse to include facilities of lesser quality, which look good in photos and don’t look good when you visit; we also don’t include facilities in unattractive locations, such as those overlooking parking lots, which you can’t see on the photos intended for tourists.

4. If the client wants it and allows it, Villas Hvar offers a very personal approach and a very personal experience of the island of Hvar. We are at disposal to our clients 24/7, from their first e-mail to the end of their stay, and even after that – if they forgot to take something before their departure.

5. Villas Hvar offers more than just accommodation; if the clients want it, we offer a tailor-made vacation on Hvar island – we provide everything they may need (from the moment they land to the moment they take off, except the plane tickets): transfers, excursions, recommendations, reservations, various extra services – everything you can think of.

6. We were born on Hvar and we live on Hvar – we know every fiber of the island, what not to miss and what to skip, what to do and what better not …

7. Villas Hvar is a small company that is 100% dedicated to the island of Hvar. We work exclusively on Hvar, we have no sister companies at home and abroad. As any successful small company, we have had the opportunity to expand; we don’t want that because we feel like our work would lose its heart and soul – it would just be another business. When you do more things at once, you often fail to provide a service of top quality and lose personal approach to every client, a client that has been chosen and who is special to us in every way.

8. We have been doing tourism in Hvar since 2002. We are always professional, we are often informal. Our clients are not just numbers or strangers to us, but unknown yet kind human beings. There are, of course, people who don’t like informal or very personal approach – we will go the extra mile and give them our coldest possible, tailor made, version. If we don’t succeed in it, we apologize in advance.

We hope we managed to bring closer what makes us different from others.

We are always available for additional questions on e-mail and mobile phone.

Also, we believe that everything happens for a reason, just like your visit to our website.

See you soon on Hvar,

Majda & Dalibor

*Author - Majda Moskatelo
*Photo Credit - Romulic & Stojcic multimedia studio for Villa Thalassa