There is no better name for this incredible place under the sun than the name of a mountain nymph. Taygete is located on the highest peak of the island of Hvar, a place of amazingly clean and fine energy, where fairies and elves dance day in day out, and dwarves live in the pine trees. You don’t believe us? See for yourselves.

Cottage Features 

Cottage Taygete was built in 2017, and it covers 109m2 of interior and 2730m2 of exterior space with a pool and a terrace. It is located in a very special place, the highest peak of the island of Hvar, in a spot of wondrous and magical beauty.

Taygete is surrounded with nature, 360-degree views, and a hypnotizing silence that offers what might certainly be called a true, perfect rest for the soul and the body. On the other hand, Taygete is also close to all urban amenities since it is located only about a 20-minute drive from the town of Hvar, while one of the most beautiful Hvar beaches in my opinion, Dubovica, is only a 10-minute drive away. And if we add that Sveti Nikola, the highest peak of the island, is only a 10-minute walk away, we can honestly say that the location of this mountain nymph is more than ideal according to our standards of a perfect holiday.

Apart from the location, another reason why we decided to introduce Taygete into the collection of outstanding Hvar properties is that this house is completely off-grid, solar-powered! We all know how important sustainability is for our planet. Even the smallest step, such as choosing the house for our holidays, gives our planet the love energy it so desperately needs. The interior of this house is not our cup of tea, but the sustainability of the house, its divine views, the energy, and the exterior have won this time!

You arrive at the cottage by exiting a tunnel at the new road for Hvar, turning left at the first crossing (be careful though, there’s a bend out front) and continuing along the gravel road through the beautiful nature of Hvar all the way to a vineyard, finally reaching Taygete.

Once you enter the cottage, you’ll find yourselves in the living room – kitchen – dining room area. There is also a single toilet bathroom on the ground floor. The living room sofa is expandable, so the cottage can accommodate up to 6 guests.

The space abounds in light, and there’s also a door leading to the terrace, where you can enjoy the view of the nature, the sea, and the surrounding island while the elves and fairies are dancing around the pool and you’re chilling in your deck chair in the sun or in the shade.

The kids can play and have fun in a small play yard right next to the terrace.

But let’s get back to the house. The bedrooms are on the first floor. Each bedroom has its own matrimonial bed and an en-suite bathroom. The master bedroom has a terrace that looks out over the pool area with even more breathtaking views!

Taygete and its fairies and elves rest on their vineyards and immortelle fields close to the highest peak of the island, Sveti Nikola. The view goes far as the eyes can see, with fabulous hiking trails as a special treat.

This is an ideal spot for anyone who wants to return to nature, to themselves, and discover finally some really important things life is made of the sun, fresh air, good food, and simple (yet no simple to achieve in a today’s hectic world) peace of mind.

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